You were always in my thoughts, every single shot is only just about you. I could not banish you from my head whenever I thought of you, came the little smile on my face. it was really magical, how could this happen. I have sworn to me that I never in my whole life will fall in love. I have it but vowed to live with my. my life, it's different. it has changed, you've changed it. are you satisfied now, baby? You were all I needed, everything that I had requested. You were my life. but it is now over. everything. I'm broken, you have destroyed me. I can not. you was my life. but I'll get back to me now. fuck you darling.!


- 13 Jahre
- 1.63m klein
- 80kg schwer :/


Ich habe zwei Seiten, einmal die in der Schule; ruhig, schüchtern, brav. Aber ich kann anderes; hypa aktiv, launisch, aggresiv. Obwohl ich erst 13 Jahre alt bin, kann ich andere Menschen und mich gut einschätzen.


Alter: 22

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